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Ch Tanworth Merriment ( Guy ) D.O.B 26/6/1975

Barbara Holland is well known around the world for her showing and Judging. She is pictured here with Guy who held the title of winning the most Cc's throughout most of the 1970's into the early 1980's. Although in her 80's, from time to time you will see her at the shows. This page is dedicated to her and some of her dogs, as the Tanworth Kennels have helped us so much from when we started showing and still to the present day. And to all who are new to the game it is well worth taking the time to talk and listen to her, she has a wealth of information and experience which helped put us were we are today.
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Ch Fancy Me of Tanworth D.O.B 24/9/1970

Joanna Holland with her Champion

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Pipedream Oakley Willow of Tanworth ( Will) D.O.B 10/5/1986

Pipedream Oakley Willow of Tanworth is where our showing and breeding all started. This dog had superb movement and temperament .We used Will three times with some good results untill John Willetts (Tanworth Airedales ) decided to buy two new dogs one was Quaintways Uchelwr of Tanworth (Merlin) of which Will was the Grand father.

Will lived untill he was 17 years old when he finally passed away in his sleep in 2002.



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Quaintways Uchelwr of Tanworth ( Merlin) D.O.B 25/2/1993

Merlin was a fantastic stud dog who did his fair share of winning . He had supperb movement a good reach of neck ,strong jaw , short coupled , level topline , good tailset a good eye and true Terrier spirit . Although he never became a Champion , to the select few he did Sire some , he sired three Champions to our breeding and was the Grand Sire of seven Champions and became the top Sire of winning puppies in 1996 and he is the Grand Sire of our new Champion Jaideld Florentine Gypsy.




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Jaideld Gypsy Gem of Tanworth( Maude) D.O.B 4/1/2000



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Jaideld Highland Warrior of Tanworth( Mac)D.O.B 29/12/1999- Sept 2012


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Tanworth & Jaideld

On the end we have John Willetts and Colin Duckitt of Tanworth and Alaine and myself in the middle. The dogs are from left to right Quaintways Uchelwr of Tanworth, Jaideld Christmas Carol, Ch Jaideld Gypsy Girl , Jaideld Wanton Warrior and the old lady Gypsy Lady of Jaideld.



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