We are now now Proud owner of the Famous Tanworth Kennel Affix

I started in Airedales way back in 1972 with my first Airedale called Jenny (Gennivier Rock of Caldicote) who I mated to Sueman Road Runner who produced my first show dogs Jaideld Walnut Warrior (1) and Jaideld Will O' Wisp,I also bought in a dog called Candy Royal who was later mated to Gennivier Rock of Caldicote who produced Jaideld Posthole Digger (Oscar).And we have been Airedale Terrier Breeders and later Show people ever since.

All though I did a little showing I couldn't do much because of a bad marriage, When I finally got rid of the bad influence in my life I only had one Airedale left (Oscar) who was 4, then I met Martin who, at the time, didn't think much of Airedales, he preferred Old English Sheep Dogs but as time went by Oscar grew on him, During the winter of 1989 Oscar passed away so the house was barren of Airedales and that was how it stayed for three years until Martin's little mongrel bitch died from Leptosperosis after we came off holiday, the only time we had taken her away with us. Shortly after, Martin took me out to see a litter of Airedales and this is were the story starts, with Gypsy lady of Jaideld (Daisy) our new foundation bitch.

Ch.Jaideld Gypsy Girl

Martin was persuaded to take Daisy to an Open show, where she got Best of Breed and was placed in the group... needless to say the showing bug had bitten and we entered, as most novices do, into every class available. Daisy did well for us, but soon it was time to think about a new puppy, we asked advice, and found out we could almost use any stud dog available as Daisy's pedigree was so mixed. We had made friends with John Willetts at this time, and having seen the superb movement of his dog, Pipedream Oakley Willow of Tanworth (Will) decided to use him. No puppies !! Barbara Holland had a littler, so we picked a little boy and called him Taz (Tanworth Taurus) Unfortunately he grew much, much too big, and space being tight, we had to sell him to a wonderful family. Time came for Daisy to go on honeymoon again with Will, this time we had seven lovely babies, and kept two, Jaideld Walnut Warrior (Dennis) and Jaideld Abbie-Gee (Abbie) both were shown and qualified for Crufts, Dennis got his Junior Warrant but both didn't look as they were going any further in their show career so it was THAT time again. Dennis lives with a brewery owner and was best man at the wedding, and Abbie lives happily just around the corner.

The quest for a puppy was on again. John Willetts had a new boy by this time, great spirit, terrific movement, short, good colour... just the boy for Daisy !

And BOY! Just the thing for us too !!!!!

This was (Merlin) Quaintways Uchelwr of Tanworth.

Daisy had her babies and there were twins in this litter. At two days old, Martin decided there was just something about the girl twin.. call it intuition if you will, no-one thought he would keep this choice, but a ribbon went around her neck and her twin brothers neck, and we kept Roxy (Jaideld Gypsy Girl) and Timmy (Jaideld Gypsy Warrior) The biggest mistake was yet to come !!!! This was when Martin and John thought Timmy would be too small so off he went to his new home and we kept Roxy... not knowing quite, what was in store. As it happened a lot of lower limit (in size) dogs came on the scene and having seen Timmy again at 18 month he would have given them a run in the ring Ah well.

From the moment Roxy went to her first show, which was an exemption show at 6months old, and took best bitch puppy in show, she never looked back. BOB , second in Group and first in Puppy Group at her first Open show at eight months..and on and on she went, collecting the honours, judges telling us how it was a long time since they had seen an Airedale like her, with such perfect movement and true Terrier spirit.

Roxy got her Crown, and how exciting it was for us... people had cheered, screamed and applauded whenever she got her CC's and the best is yet to come.

Most of 1997, Roxy led the way on points, to be the top Airedale Terrier, the final month she was caught up by Ch. Saredon Jennifer Eccles and they shared the title.

CRUFTS 1998 was the highlight of Roxy's (Ch. Jaideld Gypsy Girl) showing career, she showed her socks off, won the CC and then the challenge for Best of Breed. Again, people cheered and cried and applauded.. this was certainly one of the FINEST moments in my life.

We strive to produce puppies with good temperaments, terrier spirit, good movement and construction... in fact, we are now looking for another 'Roxy' with maybe Jaideld Warpath Warrior or with one of Roxy's grandsons that are in America and will come over here sometime in the future the doors are opening up for us and I hope they continue so WISH US LUCK!!!!!!!

I am also involved in Airedale Rescue and from time to time when needed we have Airedale Puppies for sale.

To See if we have puppies avialible go to our contact us page or give us a call.

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